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How Rent to Own works for you.


Free Delivery and Service

No Credit Needed

In these unpredictable times, many have faced credit challenges that were not of their making. Your Shop Rent to Own dealer understands and provides you with  the opportunity you need to enjoy the things you want without a credit check.

Delivery is Included and Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

Most conventional stores charge extra for delivery and only guarantee you satisfaction for a week or so.  Your Shop Rent to Own dealer delivers your product for FREE and guarantees your satisfaction for the entire term of your agreement.

No Long Term Commitment and No Impact on Other Credit Limits

When you Shop Rent to Own your commitment is only for as long as you choose to keep the product, and the amount of your purchase doesn't tie up other credit card  and revolving charge limits.

Flexible Payment Options

When you Shop Rent to Own, your options are as flexible as your life style.  Changes in employment, family circumstances, tastes and needs can be easily accommodated.

Shop Rent to Own Dealers Deliver Solutions 

I got lost my job during 2020 and my credit was affected.  My RTO dealer got some basic information and delivered my new bedroom group the next day.  Next week I'm getting a TV.

Tom & Jane, SF

I needed to outfit an apartment for my 82-year-old mom.  We didn't know if she'd like living there permanently.  My Rent to Own dealer enabled us to furnish her place in style, at a reasonable cost, AND with the flexibility to make changes as her situation dictated.  

Joe Happy, Atlanta 

Now that fans aren't allowed at my team's games, I need the biggest and baddest TV available to follow them. While I could have put one on my credit card, I like to keep that balance free for emergencies.  I stopped by my local RTO dealer they had a huge new 4K HDTV set up in my den the same day.

The Robinsons, TX

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